Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry

The Spiritual Jewelry created by Paola Ranova is designed to bring beauty to the world.


With their beauty the jewels do not only bring artistic value to your everyday life, but they also remind you of your own inner strengths, of human universal virtues virtues and of forces of nature that help you heal your soul and establish an awesome life connection.

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Cardinal Method of Life Connection

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection (CMLC or CM) is an energy modality designed to bring two main results to your life: 1. more awareness of Self, and 2. a continuous connection with a good, awesome, deep, truthful & fulfilled Life.

Created and developed by Paola Ranova in more than 22 years of study and research about crystals, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection has different types of sessions and workshops. Sessions can be individual and in groups, and there are also lectures & workshops you can attend to increase your awareness of self and your life connection.

All Cardinal Method of Life Connection sessions are done with crystals. Crystals are the big identity of this modality, and along with crystal energy, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection is inspired in 4 fundamental pillars of ancestral and contemporary knowledge about the Soul: Family Constellations, Native American Wisdoms, The Hindu Chakras System and the more recent idea of the Inner Child.

Individual Cardinal Method sessions, when done in order, are called “The Cardinal Method Journey”. The first individual session of a CM Journey is called “Visualizing the Soul” . It’s an introductory session in which we visualized where the problems are and where the priority focus for release should be (or focuses, since there’s usually more than one).

The second individual session of the Cardinal Method Journey  is “The Arrow” session. It’s a 3-hour long interaction in which we focus on ancestral healing up to 7 generations back.

The third individual session in the Cardinal Method Journey is “The Chakras” session. We observe which chakras are blocked in which areas of your life and reveal many of the root causes of your personal issues.

The forth and last step of the CM Journey is the Inner Child session, in which we visualize the main problems of your present life with the perspective of the child you once were.

Aside form the individual sessions of the Cardinal Method Journey, we hold Cardinal Method Family Constellation Mornings group sessions every once or twice a month at Ranova Healing Center. These sessions go from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We first have a one-hour lecture about how crystals work in a collective Cardinal Method Constellation, and then we hold 3 Family Constellations with 2 breaks in between.

Last but not least we also hold Cardinal Method Lectures and Workshops about Crystals, Chakras, the Inner Child, Native American Wisdoms, Family Constellations and many more.


BodyTalk Sessions & BodyTalk Access Courses

Together with The Cardinal Method of Life Connection, Bodytalk (or BT) is also a huge part of Ranova Healing Center.

It’s an awesome healing modality that focuses on your life story and in the health of not only your body, but also the deep causal factors behind symptoms, discomforts, diseases and any area of your life (physical, professional, emotional, personal) that is not flowing very well.

By following a professional detailed protocol, you will lay down and relax yourself while the Bodytalk Practitioner asks questions and gets answers with a biofeedback technique.

In a very gentle way, what needs to be clarified and balanced will surface and you’ll feel more awake and aware and alert about why things are going the way they are. During the session you’ll feel deeply relaxed. After the session  you will have a-ha moments and understand the big picture of your current situation, and see your life shift in subtle but very significant ways. Your lifestyle may change to something healthier and your way of thinking may change to become more open and focused.

You can come to Ranova Healing Center for BodyTalk sessions to improve your physical health, your emotional well-being, your financial and professional life, your personal fulfillment, you name it. Come get a session and connect to the best of life with Bodytalk ! It really is amazing🙂

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Aside from your individual Bodytalk Sessions, you can also learn how to take care of yourself and your body and your well-being by taking a BodyTalk Access course at Ranova Healing Center.

BodyTalk Access is a 6-hour course in which you’ll learn an easy, powerful 10-minute routine that can be done daily or at least weekly for a general health balance & it will boost your energy and well being as well! You’ll learn how to balance your stress levels, boost your hydration, improve your body chemistry & immune system and improve the health of your bones and joints.

The BodyTalk Access Course includes 5 of the most important Bodytalk techniques and you will know how to apply on yourself & others (especially moms of young children out there, this is for you <3). Keep your eyes open for the next upcoming BodyTalk Access courses at Ranova Healing Center!!



Magnified Healing Workshops

Magnified Healing is a very powerful spiritual modality that opens your Heart to the powers of Love, Compassion & Release. It works with the high vibrational frequencies from higher realms of consciousness and are held at Ranova Healing Center both in English and Portuguese.

Magnified Healing Workshops are taught at RHC by Paola Ranova.

Reserve your spot for the next upcoming course and feel your life expand and change in beautiful, wonderful ways.

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