Cardinal Method of Life Connection

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection (CMLC or CM) is an energy modality designed to bring two main results to your life: 1. more awareness of Self, and 2. a continuous connection with a good, awesome, deep, truthful & fulfilled Life.

Created and developed by Paola Ranova in more than 22 years of study and research about crystals, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection has different types of sessions and workshops. Sessions can be individual and in groups, and there are also lectures and workshops you can attend to increase your awareness of self and your life connection.

All Cardinal Method of Life Connection sessions are done with crystals. Healing the Soul with Crystals is the gravitational center of this modality. Along with crystal energy, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection is inspired in four fundamental pillars of ancestral and contemporary knowledge about the Soul: Family ConstellationsNative American WisdomsThe Hindu Chakras System and the contemporary idea of an Inner Child we all have.

Individual Cardinal Method sessions, when done in order, are called “The Cardinal Method Journey”. The first individual session of a CM Journey is called “Visualizing the Soul”. It is an introductory session in which we visualize where the problems are and where the priority focus for release should be (or focuses, since there is usually more than one priority for healing).

The second individual session of the Cardinal Method Journey is “The Arrow” session. It is a three-hour long interaction in which we focus on ancestral healing up to seven generations back.

The third individual session in the Cardinal Method Journey is “The Chakras” session. We observe which chakras are blocked in which areas of your life and reveal many of the root causes of your personal issues.

The fourth and last step of the CM Journey is the Inner Child session, in which we visualize the main problems of your present life with the perspective of the child you once were.

Aside from the individual sessions of the Cardinal Method Journey, we hold Cardinal Method Family Constellation Mornings group sessions every month at Ranova Healing Center. These sessions are held from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We have a forty-minute lecture about how crystals work in a Cardinal Method Constellation, and then we hold three Family Constellations with two breaks in between. To participate you can either have your own constellation or represent in someone else’s constellation. To understand more about how family constellations work, please what the video “Introduction to Family Constellations” on YouTube

You must reserve your spots in advance by calling 561-213-1756 (for Cardinal Method Constellations at Ranova Healing Center in Boca Raton) or 305-538-8998 (Cardinal Method Constellations at @ Be Healthy in Miami)

We also hold Cardinal Method of Life Connection Lectures and Workshops about Crystals, Chakras, the Inner Child, Native American Wisdoms, Family Constellations and many more at Ranova Healing Center. Please get in touch with us and check the Upcoming Events for more information.


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