Cardinal Method of Life connection “Inner Child Kit” + “Crystal Heart” Bundle


The book “Your Cardinal Connections” by Paola Novaes Ramos, PhD teaches you two powerful self-healing practices with crystals and you can get your own Cardinal Method of Life Connection Crystals right here at our RanovaLife Online Shop.

“Cardinal Method of Life Connection Crystal Hearts” and “Inner Child Kits” work wonderfully together and help you save money too!


This is how it works:

  1. You will receive a “Cardinal Method Inner Child Kit” and a “Cardinal Method Crystal Heart”;
  2. You will save 25% by purchasing a “Cardinal Method of Life Connection Bundle” for U.S.D $37.50 (instead of U.S.D $50.00 – which would be the actual value of the bundle);
  3. You will get an extra Cardinal Method of Life Connection small tumbled crystal to expand and renew your energy for free.

What kind of crystals will you get? This is the best part – the Heart crystal, tumbled crystals and bracelet in your bundle will be a surprise! You will be amazed with how accurate and joyful the energy of these surprise crystals is when you receive them in the mail!

This is part of the magic – even if you do not know beforehand which crystals you are getting, you can be sure they will be perfect for you.

Purchase your “Cardinal Method of Life Connection Inner Child Kit + Crystal Heart Bundle” and enhance your crystal connection practices!

Price: USD $60.00

We are international and ship all over the world. Specific shipping costs will be emailed to you after your purchase.



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