Paola Ranova

Paola Ranova is a Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, a Magnified Healing® 1st Phase & 3rd Phase Instructor and a ThetaHealing® Practitioner.

You can book sessions with her in these modalities and enjoy the aditional Cardinal Method Crystals that may come up as priorities in these sessions.

Ranova was founded by Dr. Paola Novaes Ramos as a perfect space to hold CARDINAL METHOD OF LIFE CONNECTION℠ sessions and workshops, and to sell CMLC℠ Books, Crystals and wearable practices (AKA as CMLC℠ Spiritual Jewelry) . It is conceived and designed to bring consciousness expansion, soul healing, and the joy of life to the world.

You can visit Ranova for individual or group sessions, or you can drop by to visit our CARDINAL METHOD OF LIFE CONNECTION℠  Crystal Shop. All visits to our Ranova space require a previously arranged appointment.

At Ranova, we offer Energy Healing Modalities such as CARDINAL METHOD OF LIFE CONNECTION℠ sessions and workshops, BodyTalk™ sessions and BodyTalk Access™ Courses, and Magnified Healing™ Workshops.

This is your space for Life Connection – visit us at our physical space and online, and enjoy the ride in this beautiful journey through your Sacred Path.

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