CMLC℠ Wearable Sessions

What ARE CMLC℠ “Wearable Sessions”?

CMLC℠ Wearable Sessions are CMLC℠ DIY Practices. They are consciousness tools with active CMLC ℠ alignment, that help you get clarity about your inner truth, and inspire you to live from a place of joy in your heart.

In some Native American cultures, sacred objects act as consciousness reminders and inspire us to live as vivid observers of life. When we observe the unfolding episodes of our path with clarity and accuracy, we take inspired action and create fulfillment in every step of our journey.

As  consciousness tools, CMLC℠ Wearable Sessions were first conceived by Paola Ranova wtih the name “Spiritual Jewelry” when she lived in Brazil, which, in a way, they still are. Spiritual Jewelry had the focus to encourage awareness of our subtle realities, not necessarily creating a need to manifest anything different in life, and strongly inspiring us to be our natural, true selves.

As the Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠ evolved, it became stronger and more complex, the name “Wearable Sessions” replaced the concept of spiritual jewelry to deliver more strength in manifestation beyond subtle perception.

They are designed to expand consciousness, encourage insights, and help heal emotions and the soul. They also serve as inspiration to develop and evolve aspects of the psyche, such as the inner child, the ego and the real self , so that we can connect to the natural state of well being we were designed to live in.



CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits help you connect to the pure essences of  love & joy to lead a natural, fulfilling life.

The loving receptiveness and present awareness of a healthy inner child can do wonders for us, if we establish healthy boundaries in all our relationships.

The stone in the center of the CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits represents the inner child, and the “bracelet” around it symbolizes the healthy boundary you are building with this practice, which is described in detail in the book Your Cardinal Connections.

As you rest , depending on which area of life you need awareness, soul healing, and life connection.

CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits create these healthy boundaries both in our inner and outer worlds.

They enhance our emotional awareness and help us create an objective relationship with time and space in the present moment, “updating” our emotional body with our actual age, and who we are in the present moment, and connecting us to the joy of being alive right here and right now.

These kits align the relationship between our inner child and the world in a symbolic way described below:

  1. The clear silicone chord represents crystalline, hydrated fascia in our physical bodies. The fascia is where we store most of our painful memories, so the meaning of this powerful chord is to always keep the fascia hydrated, healthy, pure and clean.
  2. The beads are made of natural semi-precious stones and have specific meanings in each version of the CMLC℠ Inner Child Kit.
  3. The silver or gold-platted bead represents the way out of vicious cycles. It is a consciousness reminder that we can release ourselves from painful past memories.

Using CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits expands our perpectives about the present moment of our lives and brings us more joy. What has happened in the past, what is going on in the present, and how we think, feel, and act about the future become clearer and lighter the more we practice with CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits. We recommend this practice once a month for three months in a row, and you can wear the healthy boundary© as a bracelet too.

CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits are mainly designed as Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠ Wearable Practices, which are CMLC℠ DIY Practices that create a permanent flow of energy and alignment between you and the crystal specimens you are wearing.

It is recommed that you place CMLC℠ Inner Child Kits on your body and do the “Inner Child Practice” described in the book  YOUR CARDINAL CONNECTIONS,  for sale on Many people also wear them as bracelets and/or keep the stone in their pockets or purses.

Remember to always discharge your CMLC℠ Inner Child Kit on dry, white, scentless sea salt after you do the practice or wear them.

We hope you enjoy these are powerful energy alignment tools and  consciousness reminders that align our energies with a flow of love, life & joy.

You can purchase your CMLC℠ Inner Child Kit below, and we will contact you for shipment details.


USD$ 120.00 (each)

CMLC℠ MAGIC GARDEN MORNING©: Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals in healthy boundary with a Clear Quartz in the center.


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CMLC℠ MAGIC GARDEN AT NOON©: Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals in healthy boundary with sun and moon geometric representations with a Red Jasper in the center.


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CMLC℠ MAGIC GARDEN AT DUSK©: Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals with Sun and Moon Representations and a Gray Agate in the center. Option to use chrysoprase as well.


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Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠ “SACRED PATH JOURNEY” INNER CHILD KITS©

USD$ 90.00 (each)

CMLC℠ “HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS©”: Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals representing Higher Realms, Angelic Blessings and Light Connection with a Rose Quartz in the center.


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CMLC℠ “NOW” KIT©: This is not really a blessing but a state of Being. Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals representing Self Connection with the Present Moment with a Yellow Calcite in the center. Option to use citrine as well.


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CMLC℠ “FAMILY STRENGTH” KIT©: Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals representing Family Strength with a Carnelian in the center.


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CMLC℠ “ANCESTRAL WISDOM” KIT©: Multiple CMLC℠ Crystals representing Family Wisdom, Generational Lessons and Ancestral Peace with a Hematite in the center. Option to use smokey quartz or black tourmaline as well.


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When stones and crystals are polished in the shape of spheres, this delicate external geometry brings a sense of connection and a feeling of trust. Connection with the cycles of nature brings peace to the physical bodymind mind and to the subtle bodies.

CMLC℠ Music of the Spheres Collection also brings perfect alignment with Higher Consciousness and awarenss of our true divine self.



CMLC℠ “Zero Point Field” Bracelet©

Clear Quartz Spheres connect us to Zero Point Field Energy.

What is Zero Point Field?

“In a CMLC℠ perspective, “zero-point field” is a symbolic reference to a state of stillness in which all painful memories from the past are neutralized. They will not be erased, but they will not trigger emotionally charged behavior, reactions, and projections anymore.

The internal geometry of crystals realigns our energy and brings us back to our natural state of love, health, and well-being. Clear quartz is the CMLC℠ master stone to bring us back to a zero-point field, and it is up to us to sustain and maintain that state in our consciousness.” (Paola Novaes Ramos, The Cardinal Method of Life Connection)


CMLC℠ “Great Mystery” Bracelet©

Iridescendent deep blue pearls connect us to Great Mystery, the Original Source of Creation in Native American wisdoms .

What is Great Mystery?

“The Great Mystery lives in everything, is everything, and emcompasses everything in Creation. Being the Original Source of Creation, Great Mystery created all things in beauty, harmony, and interdependence. Each facet of creation was, is and always will be. The forms may change, but the energy of creation is self-regenerative and eternal.” (Jamie Sams, Sacred Path Cards)


CMLC℠ “Metallic Beetles With Rainbow Obsidian Vibes” Bracelet©

Iridescent “Rainbow-Obsidian” Pearls connect us to the joy of beetle energy in the Gardens of the Soul.

The Spiritual Energy of Beetles and the Concept of “Raibow-Obsidian” Pearls

“I sometimes give names to crystals, pearls, and natural resins that do not exist in literature. They come exclusively from my imagination” (Paola Ranova).

This is the case of “rainbow-obsidian” pearls. In Paola Ranova’s mind, they have specific colors and hues that remind us of rainbow obsidian sheen, and are programmed with CMLC℠ energy to combine both the properties of pearls (divine feminine power, love, compassion, patience, stability and grace) and the properties of rainbow obsidian (singularity, authenticity, creativity and individual awareness of self and the Joy of Life).


CMLC℠ “Serenity” Bracelet©

Green Jade Spheres Create Peace in Our Hearts.

Jade is a stone of serenity, peace and silent wisdom.



CMLC℠ “Loving Kindness” Bracelet©

Pink Jade Spheres Align Love & Peace Within.


CMLC℠ “Metallic Green Beetles ” Bracelet©

Dreamy Light Green Pearl Vibrations bring a peaceful state of mind to the Soul.


CMLC℠ “The Violet Fire of Freedom” Bracelet©

Violet and Lavender Amethyst Spheres Transmute all negativity into Love.


CMLC℠ “Green Ray Healing” Bracelet©

Green Quartz Spheres heal painful experiences from the past.


CMLC℠ “The Strength of Self” Bracelet©

Golden Tiger Eye Spheres bring Strength and Self-esteem.


CMLC℠ “Anchored Spirituality” Bracelet©

Hematite Spheres anchor a Sense of Presence and establish a strong connection with Higher Spiritual Realms.