Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠  is a soul healing and consciousness expansion modality that has been developed for over 25 years of dedication and research.

The Cardinal Method℠‘s  main identity is crystal energy. Crystals are very powerful natural tools that heal the soul and expand consciousness. There are three general types of crystals:

  1. Natural Crystals, which are by themselves very powerful.
  2. Programmed Crystals, which are infused with an intent to serve a specific purpose for the Highest Good (there is no way a person can program a crystal to gain power over others or hurt others – that is simply not possible in a scientific perspective, and pure illusion/superstition).
  3. Cardinal Method℠ Crystals, which are programmed with Cardinal Method℠ energy to always bring life, love and life into your path and serve the Highest Good.

All Cardinal Method℠ Practices include Cardinal Method℠ Crystals, and all Cardinal Method℠ Crystals are programmed to bring life,  love and joy into your path.

You can experience the Cardinal Method℠  in individual or group sessions,  do the DIY Practices, wear the Wearable sessions, read the Cardinal Method℠ books Your Cardinal Connections and The Cardinal Method of Life Connection, and watch the videos in our PAOLA RANOVA YouTube Channel. 

Each session and item contains a lot of love and consciousness alignment. You will receive accurate information about sacred geometry, soul healing, consciousness expansion, health and well-being, spiritual evolution and Truth.

There are four types of Individual Cardinal Method℠ Sessions:

  1. Visualizing the Soul Session, which lasts 90 minutes. This is the first step to understand the priorities of your consciousness and soul.
  2. The Arrow Session, which last 180 minutes (3 hours). In this session, we observe the ancestral energy of your maternal and paternal lineages. It is a pre-requisite to have attended at least one Visualizing the Soul Session or Cardinal Method℠ Constellation to book an Arrow Session.
  3. The Chakras Session, which lasts 120 minutes (2 hours). In this session we observe the energy of each one of your chakras with a Cardinal Method℠ perspective with clarity and alignment.
  4. The Inner Child Session, where we observe when and where your inner child was wounded and bring relief and release to childhood trumas.

For the DIY Practices, you can read the Cardinal Method℠ books Your Cardinal Connections and The Cardinal Method of Life Connection  where they are described. The DIY Practices are an amazing tool to learn more about yourself, your inner world, and what makes you happy by holding Cardinal Method℠ Crystals.

There are also Cardinal Method℠ Wearable Sessions that you can wear on your body. They are not simple bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings – they are instruments of soul healing and consciousness expansion. Cardinal Method℠ Wearable Sessions  activate your self-healing abilities and expand your awareness about who you are and what you want throughout the day as you live your life in its fullest potentials.

When you include the Cardinal Method℠ in your Life Path, you are giving a gift to your soul, both physically and spiritually. It is a integration of the best of life in Beauty, Nature, Art, Philosophy, Science, and Spirituality.

Every Cardinal Method℠ stone, crystal, mineral, natural solid or man-made crystal  brings the healing energy of family constellations (which includes both African and European soul-healing wisdom), Native American wisdoms, Chakra alignment and healing, and healthy vibrations of the Inner Child, the Ego, the Real Self and the Higher Self.
This is all explained in detail the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection©, for sale on The knowledge of this whole book is contained in each Cardinal Method℠ item.

You can further explore the richness of Cardinal Method℠ energy by watching the YouTube channel PAOLA RANOVA, reading the Paola Ranova Blog and exploring this website.

Always remeber that any Cardinal Method℠ Session or item contains amazing, powerful energies joy, peace, balance, alignment, and resolution.

Thanks for your presence here! Let us know your impressions and qusetions by contacting us on the contact area!

With Love & Joy,